A dull week

Since the last time I updated my blog, the earth has rotated more than 9 times on its axis. Now that's quite a long time. I wish I could put the blame on the hectic schedule because of my Round 2 research and preparation. Alas, that is not the case!

Last week was one of the least productive weeks in a long time with regard to my applications. We had a bunch of activities lined up at work and that called for a lot of extra hours. Moreover after keeping up with the frantic pace for over four months my body and mind called for some break! Everything contrived to make this a break week for me.

I did manage to catch up a little over the weekend, here is what I was able to cover.
  • Researched the schools I want to apply. I am thinking about scheduling a class visit (more about this later).
  • Logged into the on-line application portal for my Round 2 schools.
  • Listed down all the essays that I have to write for my round 2.
On a different note, the blogosphere and online forums have been buzzing with a lot of activity about interview invites. I am happy for all those who have been invited, all the best to them. For me, having completed my application initiated interview, it's just a matter of waiting patiently on the sidelines now. Come December and it will be a totally different case though.

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GMAT Test said...
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Rahul said...

All the best buddy.. For me the Duke chapter is 99% closed as no invite in R1. Waiting for Tuck and Tepper results. Meanwhile submitted Mccombs and writing apps for UNC, Kelley and Notre Dame. I believe 700 is an under-par score for IT applicants with less than 5 yrs exp in a top 15 college (i believe that my essays are in a much better shape).

Cognitive Bias said...

Thanks Rahul. All the best to you too. I do agree with you about the score, that's my worst fear too!

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