An exciting ride so far. And now, I am at the top of the rollercoaster!

The last six months have been highly action packed. What began in Aug 2010 at NYC, during a b-school fair, has now reached the mid point. During this period I have spent substantial time researching schools, reaching out to current students and alumni, visiting admission events, visiting campus, attending self-initiated interviews, discussing with friends and other current applicants, studying for GMAT retake, drafting my essays, reviewing-editing-rewriting (and again reviewing) my essays,  and trying to complete my application package as a whole! That sounds like a lot, right? It absolutely was. All this on top of the usual demands of my work and in fact, as it happens in situations like these, this holiday season at work was more hectic than ever!

To me what transpired during this period are so akin to what I feel while on a rollercoaster. The excitement as you begin the journey, the thrill as you reach top acceleration, and the fear as you feel the weightlessness on the way down – with six total applications and 2 dings I have been through most of it. The journey is not over yet, and while I take a breather at the peak of my roller-coaster ride, I am very well aware of the plethora of emotions that await me in the next half of this journey! I only hope that the second leg will offer more reasons for me to smile about than the first one.

While I eagerly await the harbinger of good news, I will try to recount (in the next few days) what I failed to post over the last one month. 
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