I won’t be a part of this elite group!

So it’s official, Friday evening at 5 PM I received the first decision on my applications and it turned out to be the unfavorable one – Tuck dinged me.

I won’t be at that one school which was so close to my heart. It’s taken me quite a long time to get out of this shock, as you might have figured this update on my blog comes after more than 48 hours of receiving the e-mail. Honestly I was so confident that the least I expected was a waitlist.

My mind is a playground for doubts, inhibitions, and fear now. What might have gone wrong with my profile? Did my essays have a gaping hole? Did my experience count against me? Was my GMAT score too low?  Did I overestimate my interview performance?...and a lot of other questions, which probably will never be answered. 

But I have a great family and an amazing bunch of friends who have helped me realize that this definitely is not the end of the world. More importantly, this failure means I have to be more prudent in my R2 applications, which by the way are only a few weeks away. So back to the grind now and I hope I can make up for what was missing in my R1 application!

Though Tuck is history for me now, I can’t help visiting this Facebook page and wondering about what could have been!

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Mukaam said...

Sorry to hear that. I could really imagine what must be going through your mind because I was expecting a ding and was hugely demotivated. And honestly I know even the waitlist convert is impossible but yes it gave me some relief. I have also been checking the facebook page and going to the forums for torturing myself more.

I am so demotivated that I dont want to keep the hope alive. Honestly, I wanted to be first choice of Tuck and not someone who they recruit because somebody else has left. I have thought several times to choose not to be part of the waitlist and opt out of that. But I dont think I have guts to do that. I have actually hit the rock-bottom this year and trust me it has nothing to do with just the application process.

I hope to get out of it soon because really world has not come to an end. I have truly come to believe that life isin't fair and so isin't the application process but we have to keep fighting for our ambitions because that's what will give us the utmost satisfaction.

MBA ROADIE said...

@Mukaam, I'm clapping my hands for what you said...!!!

Cognitive Bias said...

Thank you folks! "Fighting for our ambitions" I like that, a lot to look forward to.

Mari said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about Tuck. As hard as it is to digest the news, it just means that, for whatever reason, you're meant to be part of another amazing class at another amazing school. Don't give up!! And good luck on your R2 applications!! It's all I'm thinking about as well. My coworker even came up to me at work today and was like "are you ok? you look so preoccupied." but of course, I can't divulge my school application process to coworkers just yet! Best of luck and whatever's meant to be will be.

Naveen said...


I'm sorry to hear about your Tuck result. I was in your shoes similarly last year when I was applying to schools and a friend from Fuqua summed it up perfectly when he told me to think about whether the school would have been right for me, if I had gotten in.

Now, I am at a school that I feel fits me well and I have realized that the right schools for you will accept you for who you are. Also, your overall goal in life is a lot more important than specific schools. The schools are just a medium to achieve your objective.

Good luck for your applications and I wish you the very best in achieving success at a school where you fit in well.

Babson MBA '12

Cognitive Bias said...

Thanks Naveen for those encouraging words.

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